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How to Embed a Linksys WVC54GCA Home Monitoring Camera

The first step is to download the cab file from your Linksys camera. You will want to place this in the same directory as your html document. Enter the URL listed below in your favorite web browser, and of course substitute the “YOUR. CAM.IP” with your camera IP address.


Ok, now download (right click and save as) this file and edit it with your favorite text/code editor. Use that handy find and replace feature, and replace all instances of YOUR.CAM.IP with the actual IP address of your camera. Save the file in the same location as the cab file you obtained in the step above. Be sure to save it as an .html file so you can test it. If you have done these two steps correctly, you should be able to open this html file in a browser and see the camera stream. Now, you are able to build the body of your page or place this code in the body of an existing page.

The rest of the instructions can be found here.